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1200 10th Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35205

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James  A. Bowey is a documentary artist who explores the challenges and possibilities of human connection through multidisciplinary artworks that combine visual art, documentary storytelling, poetry, and live programs to narrow social divisions and deepen understanding.

This talk presents a fascinating reflection on the nature of social conflict and the possibilities of human connection through two of Bowey's current projects on refugees and racial reconciliation. The unique program weaves portrait photographs, first-person poetic text, and narrative storytelling from "We Can Walk Together," a traveling photographic exhibition about race in America, and "When Home Won't Let You Stay," a national exhibition about migration and the global refugee crisis. Bowey's work and insights will take you on a journey of empathy, compassion and renewal. The program will open your heart and mind to new perspectives on being human in a contentious world, and suggest how you can help build healthier communities and organizations in these challenging times.