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1301 10th Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35205

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For UAB staff only. 

Hosted in partnership by the UAB Staff Council and UAB Learning and Development, Taking Charge of Your Career will be facilited by L&D's Amber Anderson and Tammy White.

The session is the first session of a three-part workshop “Delivering Feedback for Performance.” It will offer UAB Staff the tools to take charge of their career, crafting it into the career they love. Amber and Tammy will workshop with staff on communication tactics, leadership skills, and more.

This three-part staff development series will focus on the following areas:

1) Techniques and best practices for giving and receiving feedback that can serve as a catalyst for improved performance;

2) Using feedback to reveal helpful next steps to ignite your career development path forward; and

3) Improving confidence in pursuit of personal career interests.

Registration required.