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Having trouble sleeping? Discover why quality sleep is critical for favorable long-term health outcomes during Sweet Dreams are Made of These: Strategies for Improving Your Sleep

Despite the importance of sleep, about 35% of adults in the U.S. reported short sleep duration (less than 7 hours) even before the COVID-19 pandemic. During the peak of the pandemic, the prevalence of sleep disturbances increased significantly, and now 2 in 3 Americans report that they are either sleeping too much or not as much as desired.

The relationship between sleep and health is bidirectional: chronically poor sleep increases risk for physical and mental health problems, which may in turn cause further sleep disruption. Poor sleep is a modifiable, behaviorally-mediated risk factor for reduced quality of life and poor mental health.

The purpose of this webinar is to review available evidence regarding common sleep problems and to offer evidence-based tools to help attendees improve and optimize their sleep. The presenter will examine available evidence regarding the health risks and quality of life detriment conferred by insufficient sleep. Attendees will better understand common sleep problems and their underlying mechanisms.

Join Dr. Megan Hays, associate professor and licensed clinical psychologist in the UAB Heersink School of Medicine, as she clarifies the relationship between sleep and mood as well as the possible roles of poor sleep in contributing to weight status. Attendees will learn evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral sleep medicine strategies to improve and optimize their sleep quality and hygiene. Additional webinar content will explore some of the problems with commercially-available sleep trackers.

  • Stacy Green
  • Jason Bivins
  • Ritcha
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