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1221 10th Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35205

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Artist Lily Reeves uses light, space, sculpture, immersive installation and performance to spiritual chasms in contemporary culture while encouraging emotional and physical well-being through a holistic lens of personal, societal, and emotional healing.

In her performance work, Reeves positions the audience as the performer, creating a space for viewers to undergo meaningful gestures that have an impactful and transformative effect on the psyche. These performances confront destructive contemporary practices like capitalism, a damaged relationship to the land, and a lost connection with our bodies that have in turn wreaked havoc on the ecosystem, the individual, and the collective consciousness.

IMAGE CREDIT // Lily Reeves. Farancia Erytrogramma, Alabama Rainbow Snake, 2020. Argon-filled glass and skeleton frame. Courtesy of the artist. 

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