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1401 University Blvd, Birmingham, AL 35233

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"Exploring Juvenile Rights: Empowering Young Lives in the Justice System" 

While statistics show that juveniles have a higher potential for rehabilitation, it's essential to recognize the significant disadvantages they face within the criminal justice system. Many are coerced into confessing to crimes they may not fully understand, and they often lack awareness of the consequences that follow. 

Join us for a compelling session as David Garlock shares his personal journey, shedding light on how the presence of a skilled attorney could have potentially transformed his life. Discover the crucial role that competent legal representation plays in safeguarding the rights of juveniles and guiding them to make well-informed decisions throughout their legal journey. Don't miss this enlightening discussion on juvenile justice and the power of advocacy.

For more information, email Brandon Blankenship.

  • Brooklyn Gladney

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