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900 17th Street South, Birmingham, AL 35205

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The UAB Office of Community Standards and Student Accountability and the Title IX Office invite faculty, staff, and undergraduate and graduate students to earn a university hearing certification. After completing the university hearing certification, you will be eligible to serve as a University Conduct Board member for the next calendar year. 

Details of Training  

During this training, participants will understand the role of the hearing board and build skills related to conducting a hearing, weighing evidence, and assigning appropriate sanctions in accordance with university policy.

Participants will practice their skills in a mock hearing by being provided with a mock-investigation report and a sample hearing script. The CSSA and Title IX staff will provide guidance, direction, and feedback throughout the hearing.

You’ll learn key skills such as:

  • Philosophy of student conduct 
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham’s complaint and resolution process 
  • Hearing Board members’ roles throughout the hearing process 
  • And much more! 

Interested participants may contact UAB Community Standards and Student Accountability at 205-996-1512 or accountability@uab.edu with any questions.  

  • Marcella Spearman
  • Reginald Kinsey

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