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Presented for UAB faculty by Melissa Hawkins. Our early educational experiences shape what we bring to the university classroom. Investigate the educational cultures of our most common international student populations at UAB, with a particular focus on how those backgrounds might pose cross-cultural complexities to work through upon arrival in a U.S. educational context. Discover the key ways that you can be a "cultural broker" to your students in their adjustment to studies at UAB.

Part 1 discusses China, India, and South Korea.
Part 2  discusses Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Mexico.

Registration is required for in-person CTL events. UAB faculty are always welcome to show up to in-person CTL events without registering, but we ask that if food is being served, you wait until all registered participants have gotten their food before serving yourself.

*Lunch will be served at this event. Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions or if your schedule changes and you are unable to attend.