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Presented in the UAB Center for Teaching and Learning for UAB faculty by Melissa Hawkins, Ph.D.

Carefully-designed, cross-cultural group work provides the most promising opportunity for intercultural learning to occur on an American university campus. In this workshop, examine the most common reasons for group work failure, both generally and for culturally diverse groups. Then, learn specific actions you can take to facilitate successful cross-cultural learning while students dynamically engage with course content at the same time.

Registration is requested for CTL events.

Please note:  The UAB Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) presents workshops on teaching practice for UAB faculty (including adjunct instructors), pre-approved graduate students who are currently under contract to teach academic courses at UAB, and teaching staff.  Academic advisors and staff who work directly with students are also approved to come to non-teaching focused workshops. CTL workshops are not intended for UAB graduate or undergraduate students.

CTL Certification Point Value: 10,000 pts.