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Join us as Student Clinicians lead a discussion that focuses on Tampering With Temperament. 

November is the month of Thanksgiving and surrounding holidays, and we will be spending time with our families. Learning more about our temperaments can and will give us the opportunity to have insight about ourselves and others.

We are growing everyday not only as scholars, researchers, scientists, doctors, and professionals, but also as mothers, fathers, husbands, sons and daughters and as humans as a whole. Our temperaments are not the same as we were 5 years ago. It is important that we voice that to ourselves and to our loved ones.

Come be a part of our wellness community, get those stressors off your chest, and learn skills that you can use to advocate for yourself in your personal, academic, and work life!—and remember, what happens in Power Hour STAYS in Power Hour!

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Meeting ID: 854 2116 7204
Passcode: DeStress