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1665 University Blvd, Birmingham, AL 35233

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UAB SOPH Department of Biostatistics Seminar Series

Guest Speaker: Dr. Moradi Hossein

Title: Dimension Reducation for 3D Brain Images.


Multidimensional array data, also called tensors, are used in neuroimaging and other big data applications. In this talk, we propose a parsimonious Bayesian Tensor linear model for neuroimaging study with brain image as a response and a vector of predictors. Our method provides estimates for the parameters of interest by using an Envelope method. The proposed method characterizes different sources of uncertainty, and the inference is performed using MCMC. We demonstrate posterior consistency and develop a computationally efficient Markov Chain Monte Carlo algorithm for posterior computation using Gibbs sampling. The effectiveness of our approach is illustrated through simulation studies and analysis of Alcohol's effect on different areas of the brain.

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