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705 20th Street South, Birmingham, AL 35233

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  • Grace Whipple (Agarwal lab) – 10 min 
    “Lymphangiogenesis at Long-Term Time Points Following AKI” 
  • Matthew Cheung (George and Agarwal labs) – 15 min 
    “Spatiotemporal Immune Atlas of the First Clinical-grade, Gene-edited Pig-to-Human Kidney Xenotransplant" 
  • Jazmine Benjamin (D. Pollock lab) – 15 min 
    “Circadian disruption via timing of food availability contributes to renal fibrogenesis in male, but not female mice"
  • Tomonori Takeuchi (Neyra lab) – 10 min
    "Optimal timing of CRRT during ECMO"

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