Graduate School Events

March 1 - 31, 2024

Friday, March 1

De-Stress Power Hour: The Power of Co-Working

Who: All trainees (graduate and medical students, postdocs, residents, and fellows) Benefits: Free lunch sponsored by GSG (first come, first served) and...

Dissertation Defense - Seth Bollenbecker

Phosphate Drives Pulmonary Inflammation Through FGFR1/MAPK/ERK and AKT Signaling

Monday, March 4

Tuesday, March 5

Dean Martin's Coffee Hour with Program Directors/Admins

Graduate program directors and managers/coordinators are invited to join Dean Martin for her monthly "Coffee Hour with PDs." This informal hour-long event is...

Thesis Defense - Pranit Bora

Crown Fatigue Resistance and Enamel Wear of 3D Printed Resin Compared to Lithium Disilicate

Dissertation Defense - Riham Alsultan

Teacher Perspectives on the Impact of Interactive Read-Aloud Strategies for Comprehension Skills of Saudi Kindergarten Students: A Mixed Method Study

Wednesday, March 6

Pop-Up with the Dean

Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are invited to join Dean Martin for her monthly Pop-Up with the Dean. This hour-long informal event gives students...

Thursday, March 7

Thesis Defense - Brinkley Thornton

Characterizing the Reproductive System of Avrainvillea in Hawaii

Monday, March 11

Dissertation Defense - Miriam Miles

Pray About It: Religious Coping, Chronic Stress and Masked Hypertension in African American Adults: The Jackson Heart Study

Tuesday, March 12

Shelby Gantt's Defense Flyer

Shelby Gantt will present her public PhD Defense - "Environmental Influence on the Physiology of Cnidarians and Their Symbionts"

Dissertation Defense - Shelby Gantt

Environmental Influence on the Physiology of Cnidarians and Their Symbionts

Thursday, March 14

Dissertation Defense - Li Zhang

Predictive Modeling Using Clinical Data and Compositional Microbiome Data

Dissertation Defense - Sarah Bowler

Access to and Service Utilization of Alabama Medicaid's Section 1115 Demonstration Waiver Program

Monday, March 18

Dissertation Defense - Katie Wheeler

Exploring the Associations Between Cognitive Training, Social Determinants of Health, and Driving Behaviors: A Longitudinal Analysis of the ACTIVE Study

Tuesday, March 19

Dissertation Defense - Sahaj Anilbhai Patel

The Efficiency Impact of Gershgorin Circle Theorem for Feature Extraction in Computer Vision and Biomedical Signal Analysis

Thesis Defense - Samantha Way

Identification of the Synthetic Cannabinoids BZO-Poxizid and MDA-19 using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry

Wednesday, March 20

Thesis Defense - Ann Mulherin

"Then let them use us well": How the Folger Edition of Shakespeare's Othello Limits Sexuality and Character Agency

Thursday, March 21

Thesis Defense - Haley Wells

Knocking at the Door: The Life and Legacy of Dr. James Montgomery

Friday, March 22

Dissertation Defense - Anastasia Smith

Prevention of Spina Bifida through Fortification of Iodized Salt with Folic Acid

Dissertation Defense - Kelsey Clearman

Novel Roles of Rab35 in Development and Disease

Monday, March 25

Thesis Defense - Maizonne Fields

Associations of Religious Involvement and Cultural Justifications with Depressive Symptoms and Burden among Caregivers

3/25 9am
Virtual Event
Thesis Defense - Shirlacia Gray

Using the Social Ecological Model to Assess the Correlates of Unprotected Sex Among African American Emerging Adults

3/25 12:30pm
Virtual Event
Dissertation Defense - Sachin Budhathoki

Physiologically Relevant Cardiac Tissue Chip Models for Disease Modeling

Tuesday, March 26

Thesis Defense - Nadia Farias Machado

Physical and Optical Properties of Materials used for Injection Molding

Wednesday, March 27

Dissertation Defense - Lucinda Hall

The Modification of Single Domain Antibody Framework and Variable Regions to Impart Novel Pharmacodynamic and Pharmacokinetic Properties

Thesis Defense - Taillk Goncalves Gomes

The Effect Bioactive Materials have on Tooth Demineralization

Thesis Defense - Brynnen Hendrix

The Effect of the Chemical and Physical Properties of Cotton on the Retention of Spermatozoa

Thursday, March 28

Thesis Defense - Jacob Kennedy

Barbara Dane: The Forgotten Activist

Friday, March 29

Thesis Defense - Dana Dawson

Mixed Martial Arts, Meaning, and Behavioral Peace: Examining Social Relationships in a Diverse Environment

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